Pile of Humanity

The Sound of Skimming Mysticism Off Our Collective Imagination

The world oozes it's dreams of other dimensions, metaphysical beings. This video is an audiovisual representation of that grime, scraped from the pores of media:

The Sky Was the Color of Television Tuned to Digi Crust

Now this is some crusty bits. Coming to us from EPROM this track is circa 2010 but still feels ground shaking toda

Epic Soundscapes

Remember those tracks that have your heart soaring and your mind numb.  Well this is one of them. It's like if you could like Iris by Goo Goo Dolls without the feeling of guilt.  So let the soundwaves flood out and drown you.

Jams from across the Atlantic

This is an Italian indie band called Tre Allegri Ragazzi which means the Three Happy Dead Boys.  They're style is contagious and they've an independent group who still tours, often wearing their masks.

This song has a travelling folk sound with a hard edge that make you wanna get out of bed and groove.  Jump up!

Dancing with your Junk

Brace yourself, this video is definitely going to wake you up.  This video takes ridic dancing to a whole new level but keeps it real. ENJOY.